tiistai 16. marraskuuta 2021

Kangana Ranaut halveeraa Intian itsenäisyyttä

Kangana Ranaut has been facing the wrath of Indian citizens ever since she made a controversial statement on India's Independence in 1947. She said that the freedom that India attained in 1947 was given to the nation as a handout by the British as 'alms'. While Kangana continues to receive brickbats across sections for her 'bheekh' remark, a 91-year-old freedom fighter Lilaba Chitale has now urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take action against the actress. Also Read - Netizens hail Rakhi Sawant as 'National Crush' after she calls Kangana Ranaut 'desh ki gaddar' over her 'bheek' remark


Suosittu intialaisnäyttelijätärtä on syytetty petoksesta kun hän sanoi, että Intia sai itsenäisyyden englantilaisilta almuna.  

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