lauantai 1. toukokuuta 2021

Kamelit ja Korona

 In Kenya, the dromedary is a growing success, with consumers raving about its milk and meat, while nomadic herders in arid regions are praising its adaptation to global warming.

"The camel is very important," says Isaac Mohamed, one of Kapiti's camel drivers.

"Firstly, it cannot die in a drought. Secondly, it can go 30 days without drinking," says this lanky man from the far north, on the borders of Ethiopia and Somalia, all areas rich in camels.

Despite a population of 3 million head, one of the largest in the world, this indolent animal is still very little known in Kenya.

Levittävätkö kamelit Koronaa? Kameli on varsin suosittu eläin. Mukava ja leppoisa.

Suomikin voisi siirtyä lehmätaloudesta kamelitalouteen.

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