torstai 1. heinäkuuta 2021


Along with the theory of evolution, Darwin introduced the notion of kabbalah – that the human mind would develop into a god as a result of evolution – to the world of science and he built the infrastructure of this belief among scientists. The club, supported by capitalists with very strong connections, chose the scientists of the time who believed in creation and ensured that the theory of evolution was accepted by the public. The theory of evolution began to appear in textbooks in England. Huxley was the member who demonstrated the most effort in the lectures and conferences he gave.

Ihmisen evoluutio jatkuu ja täydentyy tietokoneiden, ohjelmistojen ja verkkojen avulla.

But there are always limits to what is right and just:  Merely because we can do something does not mean that we should do it.  We must move forward not only safely, but also ethically and morally. Too often morality is determined by the prevailing societal preferences of the day rather than grounded fundamental truths, such as the fact that we are all children of God, created in His image.  Too often, the pursuit of the next great breakthrough forgets this, as with the recent case of researchers successfully growing monkey embryos containing human cells.

En tiedä kuinka relevanttia on tarkastella ihmisen näkökulmasta asioita, jotka eivät ole ihmiselle luontaisia. Superälyn moraali on luonnollisesti erilainen kuin ihmisen. Ihminen on varsin rajoittunut. Rehellisesti ottaen tuntuu kovin keinotekoiselta arvostella Superälyä ihmisen tasolta. Sama kuin miettisi muurahaisen moraalia.

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