lauantai 19. toukokuuta 2012

Reuters: Suomi kriisissä

Suomi on Nokian ja muun euroopan mukana ajautunut kriisiin.
For the 5.4 million Finns, the message is stark: prepare for tougher times, later retirement or lower pensions. And for government, the need is to encourage business growth beyond traditional mainstays like forestry while balancing social commitments with economic realities.

Though Finland, an egalitarian society with an excellent education system, has a high reputation of being a triple-A rated country in its zone, it now faces issues of decline in exports and a population that is rapidly ageing. This might result in problems related to retirement and pension. Finland reported a deficit of $1.7 billion last year on account of slow growth of exports. While they may not be able to restore their glorious industrial growth from the past, the government should look at balancing economic and ecological development. The paper industry has been shutting down their mills, leading to loss of jobs.

Nokian romahdus on paljastanut suomen talouteen iskeneen mädän ja korruption. Nyt ei Nokia enää pelasta vaan kansan täytyy ryhdistäytyä. Vienti on saatava rajuun kasvuun keinolla millä hyvänsä.

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