keskiviikko 21. heinäkuuta 2021

Amerikan yliopistojen tutkintojen taso rajussa laskussa

The statistic you hear is that we’re at the point where, probably, at least half of all enrollments in master’s degree programs are online, way more than undergraduate, and probably more than doctoral programs, because doctoral programs tend to be much more intensive with relationships to mentors and faculty, and a lot of doctoral students teach on campus. A lot of that just makes total sense and has nothing to do with anyone doing anything dastardly. It’s just people who get master’s degrees often or maybe even usually are working. They’re older. They often have families. They have jobs. It’s a lot more convenient for them to study online. 

Amerikassa koulutuksen taso on kriisissä. Jopa johtavien yliopistojen koulutuksen taso on heikentynyt (Harvard, MIT jne). USA on iso kouluttaja ja siellä opiskelee paljon ulkomaalaisia. 

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