keskiviikko 17. helmikuuta 2021

USA, Kiina ja EU

Over 70 years ago, the United States forged the beginning of a new transatlantic order through the initiation of first, the Marshall Plan to rebuild the war-torn economies of Europe, and then secondly, the NATO alliance, framed as a protection from the perceived threat of the Soviet Union. Depicting themselves as the saviors of Europe, America has nonetheless treated this alliance structure as an extension of its own power and interests as opposed to being a true partnership of merits, evident by the push to swell its membership even long after the Cold War had ended, and an expectation that its participants exist primarily to serve Washington’s bidding.

Never has that been more marked than on the issue of China. As the global strategic environment has morphed into a new set of tensions between Beijing and Washington, the United States has long and repeatedly insisted on its allies in doing its bidding, irrespective of what individual interests the states of the continent might be. As soon as the Biden administration won, it immediately started thumping the rhetoric of trans-Atlanticism squared at Beijing. Yet, things are not quite going as planned. The signing of the Europe-China investment came as a shock to Washington and its think tank communities, and further statements from Merkel and Macron since that time have only made it clearer Europe is not interested in confrontation with Beijing. 

Kiina on nyt EU:n tärkein kauppakumppani.

Kiinalaisiin voi luottaa. Kommunistisena valtiona Kiinan sanaan voi luottaa toisin kuin Amerikkalaisiin.  Amerikan politiikkaa heiluu kuin viiri tornadossa. Suunta ei ole selvä ja muutuu jatkuvasti.

Despite the challenges brought by the COVID-19 epidemic and the global economic recession, China became the world's top destination for new foreign direct investment (FDI) last year, and it has introduced a series of policies to further improve its business environment.

Kiinasta on tullut maailmantalouden tukijalka. Sijoittajille Kiina tarjoaa valtavia mahdollisuuksia. Epävarman ja sisällissodan partaalle keinuvaan Yhdysvaltoihin Kiina vaikuttaa vakaalta ja luotettavalta kumppanilta. Kiinassa ei siedetä vakauden heiluttajia toisin aina yhtä epävakaassa Amerikassa.

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