maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

Linux aktivisti sairaana

My name is Diane and Ken is my Life-Partner. I will probably be posting for him from time to time due to his eyes not being able to tolerate the backlight of the monitor. He is down to about 20 minutes a day here because the backlight makes him terribly sick and the dark glasses are helping less and less.

As many of you know, Ken's cancer has just recently begun to spread to his right lymph node but his Oncologist has assured us that this is 80 percent curative if he gets the needed surgery in time.

Amerikkalainen Linux aktivisti on vakavasti sairas ja paikallisen käytännön mukaan ei ole oikeutettu hoitoihin eikä ole tarpeeksi varakas maksamaan omia hoitolaskujaan.

For those who don't know him, Starks is a Linux advocate who has worked tirelessly for years equipping underprivileged kids with refurbished and Linux-powered PCs through the HeliOS Project, which has figured on LinuxInsider's virtual pages on several occasions in the past.

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