perjantai 16. joulukuuta 2011

Amerikan armeijalla vakava prosessoriväärennys ongelma

Amerikan armeija taistelee väärennettyjä piirejä vastaan.
The impossibility of this situation may force military contractors to be complicit in the consumption of counterfeit parts. For example, the fake parts in the P-8 Poseidon were “badly refurbished”. A poor refurbishing job is probably detectable with a simple visual inspection, so even though people are quick to point fingers at China, maybe part of the problem is that the contractor was lax in checking incoming stock — or perhaps looking the other way, because if these are the last parts of its kind in the world, what else can they do?

Amerikan armaija tarvitsee valtavia määriä vanhoja piirejä mutta niitä ei saa mistään.
The fake P-8 parts are just one of many examples of how counterfeit parts — often made from 1980s and 1990s-vintage junk computer parts that are sanded down and remarked in China and then sold back to the U.S. as brand new computer chips for advanced weapons systems. One witness at the hearing just described growing counterfiet semiconductors seeping into critical weapons systems as “ticking time bombs.”'''

Amerikkalaiset syyllistävät kiinalaisia mutta amerikkalaisten ei ole mikään pakko käydä ostamassa piirejä Shenzenin halpahalleista mutta halvalla pitää saada piirejä.

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